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The Coffee Makers

Pulcina Cafetiere x Alessi®

/ 3-cup

La Pulcina, designed by Michele De Lucchi for Alessi, is a revolutionary espresso coffee maker.  Made from an aluminum casting, its shape allows it to prepare a coffee that is practically perfect! Its boiler stops dispensing the beverage at the right moment before the coffee takes on a bitter aftertaste.  Even the spout, inspired by a chick’s beak (pulcina means baby chicken in italian), was specially designed to pour each drop perfectly when serving.


More details

Cafetiere size 3-cup
Water 150ml
Coffee 15g, fine grind
Cafelier's advices Over medium heat, lid open. When half of the coffee is extracted through the chimney, put out the fire and close the lid.
Brand Alessi
Color Black & steel
Material Cast aluminium

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